Why Morgan Taxidermy?

Animals and art mixed at a young age for Edd, at 13 years of age he took a correspondence course to learn taxidermy.  At 15 he was employed at a professional studio.  His passion continued as he worked in the industry and became a full time professional.  In 1985 he began his own business (Morgan Taxidermy).  He has preserved thousands of happy memories for thousands of happy clients for the last four decades.  Several museums have recognized his talent as he has preserved numerous specimens for their displays.  Through his career he has competed for several state and national competitions and has won high awards for his work.  Several years ago he worked at the largest studio in the nation for eight days to help them with deadlines that had to be met, the owner told Edd, “You belong here, you have a place here.”.  It was a great compliment to be invited to stay at this shop and the memory he will always cherish.  His greatest honor is re-creating what The Almighty has created and also knowing so many great people in the sporting industry.  Edd’s passion continues to this day for the love of this art. He is excited to be a high quality taxidermist in Tyler, Texas.